1.Why did my payment fail?
Main reasons:
1)Entered wrong credit card information .
2)Credit card has expired.
3)The balance of credit card is insufficient.
4)The location of the buyer has been classified as a high-risk areas by Banks.
5)Credit card has already been cancelled by cardholder or in bank black list database.
6)Bank validation failed Due to network malfunction.
7)Buyer's information is classified as high risk by risk control system of Udopay . Our system will stop processing automatically to reduce the possibility of a stolen card.

2.What programming language and open source online system does payment interface of Udopay support?
Supported programming language: JSP、PHP、ASP、.NET
Supported open source online system: Zencart、Magento、Opencart、Cs-cart、Ecshop、Prestashop
We provide one-to-one interface technology services for free to make sure that all site can connect with Udopay payment gateway perfectly.

3.How to pay Udopay ?
For new merchant,can pay Udopay by bank transfer、cheque or cash ;
If your were Udopay merchant already, you can choose internal deduction to pay Udopay when the balance of your Udopay accounts is equal to or greater than the payment. Fax the completed application form of internal deduction to our sales.

4.How about the payment approval rate of Udopay ?
Approval rate is flexible depends on different businesses. Approval rate=approved transactions / (approved transactions + failed transactions). Failed transactions only calculates payment failure caused by channel, not the failure of credit card, such as wrong entered credit card information、insufficient fund、black listed by the bank card and so on.

5.How to know the payment is approved or declined?
We will allot each Udopay merchant a unique merchant ID, merchant can use merchant ID、user name and password to login to Udopay merchant backoffice. Each transaction payment status (success, failure, to be processed) is clearly showed.

6.When the money can be returned to foreign buyer’s credit card account after merchant apply for a refund?
Normally, it takes 2 ~ 3 weeks. It is possible that needs a month because the process of charge refund to the card issuers is complex.

7.Why do some orders have showed in merchant online ordering system but not showed in the Udopay backoffice?
Udopay system will not record the order regarding the following situations:
1)Buyers not click on the "payment" button to submit in Udopay payment page;
2)Clicking on the "payment" button is invalid when relevant information did not fill in completely.

8.Why a buyer can approved in the first payment but failed in the second, third...Payment?
Normally, Udopay risk control system only allow one approved transaction in 24 hours for the same buyer.( to prevent a stolen card consumption, save great economic loss from same fraud order in a day), It must be causing transaction failed if a buyer repeatedly to pay on site. These failed transactions can reduce the approval rate, so when merchant calculate approval rate must except these failed transactions.

9.How to identify the payment failure caused by repeated payments?
You can login to business backoffice to check order details. If the index of failed transaction shows URL, it means this failure is caused by repeat payment. If the index shows certain failure reason , it means credit card didn't pass the bank verification causes this failure.

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