As a PSP services company,we reach further into the world industries to seek available merchants to attract them into becoming processing clients through our growing network of affiliates and resellers World wide.

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 We provide so many plans,and you will find yours!

 Accept credit card payment online

Simple but professional gateway integration services is provided to all kinds of shopping carts,no order will be lost.We take VISA,MASTERCARD,JCB and other credit card payment online,you can controll all your transactions yourself.

We're always focusing on modifing the convenience and safety of receiving credit card payment online,increasing the approved rate and reducing the fraud rate,so you can run your business without worring about others.Devotion creates Professionalization, which achieves Perfection.

 Obtain merchant account

Merchant account is provided for you to take care of all transactions' issues,like clearing funds,check fee structure and contact merchant services.

We also open the recurring transactions and VT function to some merchants.Both what you considered and not are on the way now.

 Global wire

The base currency of funds is CNY,but you want to take USD,EUR,GBP or other currency,still you want it to be wired to the bank in US,UK,Canada,India or even South Africa?

No problem.We provide a series of global wiring solutions.Funds with more than 20 main currency are able to clear to any bank account in any country.

 Take hisk risk service

What business is defined as hish risk?Nutraceuticals,tech support,travel,credit repair,adult,replica and so on.Maybe your bank told you that you need a high risk merchant,or you need to provide more volumn,or you need to provide this and that materials and documents,but still be declined.Defind as a high risk merchant doesn't mean you have no chance to take credit card as payment online solution,our compliance department will soon find you a suitable plan per your situation.

Even you're declined due to some particular reasons,we will provide some important advice so you can be back anytime when you reach the minimal needs.

 Offer affiliate plans

I'm not a merchant,but I know a lot of good merchants with volumn,is there any policy for those agents like us so we can earn the commission?

Yes,of course.We provide strong and flexible affiliate plans to meet those needs.Affiliate client may have a dedicate control panel to take all your merchants,so easy and fantastic.

 Offer child account

I'm a traditional merchant who're not good at doing business online,but still there is a lot of single or company who're good at marketing online,they're selling their orders to us,then we take the after steps like delivery,is there any way to process this situation?

This is really a special needs.Luckily we still have solutions.We allow the merchants to set up child accounts themselves.Child account can only see the transactions from his own websites,they can add or delete their sites,but they cannot see the fee structure and statement.Is this what you want?Not only for this,we also allow the merchant to define the child account's previlage。Control your account,control all.


Udopay focuses on providing our customers the best offshore merchant accounts and support services available. Regardless of which country your company is registered in, we will tailor our service to suit your unique needs and will take personal responsibility to best ensure you can obtain a merchant account.

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